Thursday, November 18, 2010


We were blessed last night to have Mike Gillette of "The Strength Show" join us for an area youth ministry event. Almost 70 teens gathered to hear Mike's testimony and watch him attempt (and pull off) a couple of brand new feats of strength (one scared us to death as he succeeded; the other is still a work in progress but impressive nonetheless).

I'm not sure if Mike actually said this or not, but what the Lord said to me last night through his message was this: As great as strength is, it is not intended to only benefit the one who is strong. Strength can be an amazing thing - moving, bending, stretching and deforming objects that it seemed couldn't be.

Granted, it tends to carry some specific benefits to the one who is strong, but what good would it be for a strong person to just sit around and be strong? Sure, they look good - but there are any number of ways to achieve that appearance without putting in all the work to actually be strong.

Real strength is meant to be shared - to benefit others. Jesus extends His to us, and we are intended to extend ours to those we interact with. When God gave His Son for us, He made available to us all the strength we would ever need. And when we give our lives to others, we do much the same, passing along the strength we cherish and enjoy, that they might never have to face anything with only their own strength.

So what are you doing with your life in this area? Getting stronger, I hope! But even more so, as God continues His good work in you (Philippians 1:6), I pray that you will in turn reach out and be a source of strength, passing His along, to all who may need it. That's a truly strong person!